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Best hammer – buy it for life review

American brand Estwing has been synonymous with excellent toolmaking for as long as anyone can remember and for good reason. Their range of claw hammers is a perfect example of this well-earned reputation.

Aside from being astonishingly beautiful, these hammers offer excellent shock absorption – particularly in the vinyl-handle models – and their weight is finely balanced so they feel pretty fantastic to hold and swing. Made from a single piece of steel, there is no possibility of the head detaching from the handle and wreaking havok in the workshop (like some cheaper hammers have been known to do).

Being at the pricier end of the spectrum, the Estwing scores lower for accessibility and points were lost for durability as we found that excessive use can wear down the leather handle models. The solution to this would be to opt for the less pretty vinyl handle but for general home use the leather handle should last a good number of years.

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