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Welcome to the design blog

We love great design at SPO Design Co. The BIFL blog is our platform for showcasing our favourite everyday product designs that go beyond the ordinary.

We believe durability, sustainability, and utility are intrinsic to great design and will be scouring the planet for anything and everything that is practical, long-lasting, and doesn't cost the earth.

Here we've laid out our guiding principles that we'll be using to curate the designs that we feature:


At the forefront of our curation process is a desire to see an end to the disposable economy we have grown accustomed to. We will do the hard work of comparing products to find those with a lower impact on the environment so making greener choices is easier.


A well-made product that lasts a generation or more, that can be repaired easily, cheaply or both is the gold standard of quality that we strive to find. We'll be reviewing products that have 10+ year guarantees and seeking out those with cult followings because of their long-lasting design.


Our blog aims to champion mindful consumption. We will be asking which designs bring value and joy in their use in an effort to find the products worth more than the sum of their parts.


Accessibility is a core principle of ours and is at the forefront of our web design work where it is sadly an often overlooked aspect of design. We strive to showcase products that present as few barriers as possible, where inclusivity is not an added feature, but lies at the heart of the design.

If there's a product or design you'd like to feature, or if you feel our principles are out of whack, we'd love to hear from you so get in touch using our contact form or leave a comment below.