Jamjar Pensions

A flexible pensions app for flexible workers

Design system, website and app wireframes

Emergent fintech company Jamjar reached out to us to whip up some initial branding work for their new product – an app for self employed people in the UK to save more easily for their retirement. 

This was a very exciting project for us as we felt there was a large amount of creative freedom in the brief and scope to play a large role in the company’s vision from the outset.

Pain points for their ideal clients included confusion over combining pension pots, clarity regarding fees, and ability to adapt their payment based on an unpredictable income. These were important factors we took into consideration when approaching the design challenges to come. 

Discussions with the client concluded that they agreed that an uncluttered, minimalist approach would work best for their audience as it would move away from the layers of confusion often associated with traditional financial firms. 


Initial drafts of the logo didn’t land – the client's initial idea of a script font felt too informal and aligned itself with a different industry and audience.

First draft of the Jamjar logo

After working up a couple of drafts, we were able to steer the client toward a geometric logotype with loose kerning and simplified, subtle line work for the graphical element that they agreed captured the approachable and modern aesthetic they were looking for.

Once we had the logo nailed down, we began working on the colour scheme. Keen to avoid embracing colours that would offer a low contrast ratio and be inaccessible to some users, we chose a palette that appealed to the client’s desire to invoke a sense of what the future could look like for their customers with an exciting vibrant blue alongside a darker, more luxurious tone with a rosy, pastel colour for a highlight. The palette aimed to hint at the English sea-side without hitting people over the head with the idea, and be friendly and approachable without compromising the professionalism and trustworthiness that is essential for a wealth management company. This proved a hit and the client was immediately on board.

Pairing a friendly, informal typeface for headings with a geometric sans serif for body text, buttons, labels, we were able to maintain that balance of approachability and professionalism. Europa, the primary font, was picked specifically because of the optimised reading fluency in smaller sizes which will be useful for when the client needs to include the fine print that often comes by the bucketload in the finance industry.


Recent forays into using JAM stack static site generators opened our eyes to the possibilities of using tools like GatsbyJS or Gridsome to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to setting up the codebase and enabling a fast development turn-around. With webpack bundling assets, React and SASS enabling modularity and ease of building a component-based UI, more time could be spent ensuring the client’s vision was fulfilled while also meeting criteria for scalability as the client progresses.

We knew there would be a lot of content to add to the site in the near future so this type of static site would work particularly well as it has a rich plugin environment that can allow various types of data source. At the moment the content is written in markdown and deployed via GitHub to Netlify. In the future there are plans to integrate a CMS to control the content and we will be exploring options with Prismic, Netlify CMS and Strapi to see which best suits the clients needs.